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The Postpartum Revolutionary

A comedian stands up for women’s health.
by LaTasha Murphy (BA ’14)
Howard Magazine

Brooklyn native propels postpartum revolution

by Lois Elfman
Amsterdam News

Strong As A Mother

Championing Maternal Mental Health in Delaware
Jewish Family Services

Video Press

Comedian Angelina Spicer Helps New Moms With Postpartum Depression Daily Blast LIVE

New moms experiencing mental health issues are not alone, as statistically one in five women will experience postpartum depression.

US comedian uses her act to turn the spotlight on postpartum depression CGTN America

A U.S. comedian is putting the spotlight on the serious problem of postpartum depression by making the subject of laughter.

Angelina Spicer’s Campaign to End Postpartum Depression Stigma Coming to Philly NBC10 Philadelphia

For the first time in her life, Angelina Spicer couldn’t find the funny when she was going through postpartum depression. Now she’s on a mission to end the stigma of postpartum depression while connecting mothers to resources.

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